BIG IDEAS - The American Dream


“In times of war or peace the United States will gladly pay a man to fail should his heart be in it, a small shimmering proof of the American Dream”
― Jonathan Culver

Starring Tom Benett

Passengers - Nathan Nicholson, Adam Harrison, Duncan Hall, Uno Mustafa, Kelly Ann Page, Joe Lawrence, Adrian Dalton, Kikuo Ichikawa, Preslav Shipkaliev

Directed by Ben Lankester
Written by Ben Lankester & Sam Widdows
Prod Co The Progress Film Company
Produced by Jamie Whymark
Production Manager Heeva Hamed
Production Assistant Eloise Saville
1st AD Jonathan Sidwell
Director of Photography Carl Burke
Focus Puller Michael Hannides
2nd AC Asia Rose Killagon
Grip Dan Huntley
Gaffer Paul Molloy
Sparks Al Celis & Jeff Celis
Trainee Conrad Reid
Art Director Charlie Hippisley
Art Assistant Amie Norton
Hair & Make-up by Margherita Fabbro
Runner Jashan Walton
Edited by Ben Lankester
Colour by Matthieu Toullet
Colour Producer Edwin Elkington
Titles by Shannon Thomas
Lighting from Pro Light London
Camera from One Stop Films
Shot on Alexa Mini LF with Zeiss Supreme Primes and Black and White on 16mm (Kodak Eastman Double X)

Special thanks to Tom Mackay, MPC, Coxy @ Ugly Models